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The Story of Urquhart Street in Hawthorn

Urquhart estate was situated in the heart of Hawthorn and comprised about 38 acres, extending from Glenferrie road to Auburn road, with streets connecting, with the tramways and railway. The allotment contained five brick villa residences, each consisting of six rooms and a kitchen. W.S  Urquhart purchased his Hawthorn allotment in 1850 but never lived there.

In 1885, a street was constructed through the allotment and was named Urquhart Street. But the weird spelling caused trouble for many. In the late 1800’s, when a horse died in the street, the policeman who attended the matter, dragged the dead horse to Auburn Road, because it was easier to spell Auburn than Urquhart in his report.

The estate was sold in 1919 for £31,500 and was subdivided into 172 lots.


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