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South Melbourne Market

More than five million people visit South Melbourne market each year. What makes the market a local favourite is the availability of good quality fresh produce at competitive prices and its eclectic range of stores. The Market is managed by a Section 86 Committee of the Port Phillip Council under the Local Government Act. There is a two-hour free parking available to all shoppers on market days.  During Summer, there is a night market from 5:30pm (Refer market website for details). The market is well known for its Dim Sims.

Image Courtesy: South Melbourne Market

Brief history of the Market History

In 1856, Emerald hill locals petitioned the Emerald Hill council for a market and two years later a 10-acre site was selected. The first sheds were erected in 1866. Formerly called as Emerald Hill Market, South Melbourne Market came into existence in 1st May 1867. Like any market in the late 1800’s goods arrived in horse-drawn wagons and market days were busy with Coventry St. experiencing queues of horse drawn carts. The market was bounded by Coventry, Cecil and York streets, given by the Crown for the Borough of Emerald Hill to be used as general market. South Melbourne Market is described as Melbourne’s oldest permanent market. In 1883, sale of cattle and pigs were introduced in the market.

In 1912, there was a major fire at the market which destroyed shed D completely. In 1923-24 the market has undergone extensive reconstruction. A rooftop carpark was opened in 1972.

On 17th January 1981, two gelignite bombs exploded in the market and a nearby hotel which destroyed two market stalls – a dress shop and a takeaway food stall. Two other bombs failed to explode after ignition. A fire on 28th June 1981 destroyed the original A and B sheds in Coventry St. In 2012, a new roof was added for the market.

Murals at the Market


Address: Corner of Coventry & Cecil Streets, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205

Web: https://southmelbournenightmarket.com.au/

Opening Hours

Wednesday – 8am to 4pm

Friday – 8am to 5pm

Saturday and Sunday – 8am to 4pm

Closed on Christmas day and Boxing Day

Image Courtesy: South Melbourne Market


Rooftop Carpark has 270 spaces

York Street Car Park has 75 spaces

On market days 2hours free parking is available for shoppers.