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Silvan Reservoir

Silvan Reservoir is located at the township of Silvan about 40 kilometres east of Melbourne CBD.  This being an off stream storage reservoir due to the small catchment area, sources most of its water from Upper Yarra, O’Shannassy and Thomson reservoirs and supplies water to most part of Melbourne’s Metropolitan Area and other large off stream storage reservoirs such as Cardinia and Greenvale.

The severe drought of 1914 prompted the search for extra water supplies for Melbourne and in 1917 a suitable site for a storage reservoir was located near Silvan. The construction of the reservoir began in 1926. Around 330 people were employed during the construction and onsite accommodation was provided for around 200 people. All vegetation was cleared to approximately above the dam’s high water level to minimise its impact on water quality.

The dam was officially opened in 7 July, 1931. After the completion of the dam, the gardens and the picnic areas near the reservoir were constructed to attract visitors. The reservoir area is fenced to maintain the integrity of the water supply system and is managed by Melbourne Water. The park area is managed by Parks Victoria. On 22nd October 1953, John Cain Snr, the Premier of Victoria officially opened the Yarra Silvan pipeline which carries water from Upper Yarra Dam.

The reservoir is surrounded by forest area which helps maintain the quality of water as it is away from human settlements and farms. The forests are home to a number of native animals such as wombats, echidnas, swamp wallabies, possums and sugar gliders. The water source attracts diverse range of birds including herons, spoonbills and ducks.

The park that features landscaped picnic areas surrounded by the forest is designed to suit perfectly   for a picnic or barbecue.

Silvan Reservoir Park Details

Address: Silvan Reservoir Park, Silvan VIC 3795

Opening Hours: Non-daylight saving time: 9am to 4:30pm daily.

Daylight saving time: Entrance gate open 9am to 6.30pm. Exit gate closes 7:30pm

Email: info@parks.vic.gov.au


Silvan Reservoir has two main picnic grounds.

Torulosa Picnic Ground

This picnic area is located next to the main dam observation area and can be accessed from the upper carpark. Disabled parking and accessible areas are provided. Electric BBQ’s , picnic tables and toilet facilities provided.

Lower picnic area

Parking and accessible areas provided for the disabled. Electric BBQ’s, shaded areas, Children’s playground, picnic tables and toilet facilities provided. Wood fired BBQ are available but Parks Victoria stopped providing free wood.


Web: https://www.parks.vic.gov.au/get-into-nature/all-abilities-access/park-accessibility-information/silvan-reservoir-park-accessibility

Walking Tracks

Grey Gum Track Walk

Length and Time taken: Dirt bush track of 2.2 kilometres, which takes around 40 minutes to cover

Grade: Easy

Olinda Creek Walking Track

Length and time: Gravel and dirt track of5.6 Kilometres which requires around 2 hours to cover

Grade: Medium

Extends from Mount Evelyn Recreation Reserve to Silvan Reservoir Park

Silvan Reservoir Track

Length and Time Taken: 1.9km loop trail which takes around 40minutes to cover.

Grade: Easy



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