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Sherbrooke – Grants Picnic Ground

Grants Picnic Ground, part of the Sherbrooke Forest in the Dandenong Ranges National Park is a popular destination for tourists looking for pristine surroundings and forest walking trails. The bird feeding area is the key attraction here. This is the best place to see Galahs, King Parrots, Rosellas and Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.

A token needs to be purchased from ‘Grants on Sherbrooke’ kiosk to enter the feeding area. Seeds for feeding will be supplied from there and visitors are not allowed to offer other food items to birds outside of the Bird feeding area.  Mostly you will find only Cockatoos around to feed. There are many friendly rosellas in the park which will amuse the children.

There are three forest walking trails around and facilities for BBQ with picnic tables which will make it a perfect location for a family outing. There is a Kiosk for light refreshments and toilet facilities are available at the Picnic ground.

Forest Walking Trails

Margaret Lester Forest Walk

The design of the walk was assisted by a paraplegic architecture graduate, Margaret Lester and the tracks are built to suit people with limited mobility. There are stopping bays with information boards along the way.

Hardy Gully Nature Walk

Like Margaret Lester walk, Hardy Gully Walk too have tracks clearly marked. With it eucalyptus trees and rainforest gullies makes it a perfect short walk for forest enthusiasts. This is one of the places where fortunate visitors will be able to spot lyrebirds.

Eastern Sherbrooke Forest Walk

This is a round trip which starts at Grants Picnic Ground follows through Lyrebird walk, Neumann Track, Welch, Coles Ridge Track and then back to the picnic ground. This is a near 7km walk which may take nearly 2 hours to cover.

Address: Grants Picnic Ground, 70 Monbulk Road, Kallista, Victoria 3791

Park is open 24 hours and free to use. Bird feeding requires a fee

Web: http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/explore/parks/dandenong-ranges-national-park/things-to-do/sherbrooke-grants-picnic-ground

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    Grants Picnic Ground, part of the Sherbrooke Forest in the Dandenong Ranges National Park is a popular destination for tourists looking for pristine s
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    No More bird feeding at Grant’s Picnic ground

    Parks Victoria has finally acted after years of complaints from the community and will stop people from feeding birds at Grants Picnic Ground from February 2020.

    The long-awaited decision was made after Parks Victoria noticed the feeding had attracted cockatoos and birds of prey over the smaller, more colourful birds.

    The birds have wreaked havoc in the hills, chewing at property and structures including verandas, fences and powerlines.

    Upwey’s Kaz Mackay made legal history in 2008 when she fought her insurance company after it refused to uphold her claim for damage caused by the cockatoos.

    The Victorian Ombudsman ruled that she should be fully compensated.

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