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Reservoir – history and transport


In 1837 Robert Hoddle surveyed the Jika Jika area which constituted most of the Northern suburbs of Melbourne and around 990 acres of Keelbundoora and adjacent 885 acres were sold to Thomas Alexander. The land has changed hands few times before it was subdivided to form the suburb of Reservoir. The suburb got its name Reservoir from the reservoir built in 1864 on the Yan yean pipeline which carried water to Melbourne. Two other reservoirs were built later and they were collectively known as Preston Reservoirs at that time. The Rose Shamrock Hotel opened on Plenty Road in 1854.


Broadway, Reservoir

The Heidelberg Railway line was officially opened on 8th May 1888. Initially the trains took an hour and a half to reach Heidelberg from Spencer street the railway route being ridiculous. The bus route was much faster. On 8th October 1889 the first trains travelled as far as Reservoir. On 21st December 1889, the whole Whittlesea line was opened. The Reservoir and Heidelberg lines were electrified in 1921.

Settlers shied away from settling in Reservoir due to the remoteness of the area from the city. It was only after the 1890’s people started building houses in the area and by the 1920 Reservoir achieved the status of a suburb. Reservoir Post Office opened in 1921. The migrant influx after World War II saw Italian and Greek migrants settling in Reservoir. Currently it has a healthy mix of people from Macedonian, Indian, Chinese and Lebanese residents among others. In 1914, 34 acres of land was donated by Thomas Dyer Edwards to the City of Preston which was later developed into Edwards Lake Park.


Reservoir is serviced by four train station: Reservoir, Regent, Ruthven and Keon Park in the South Morang Line.  Regent is closer to Preston and Reservoir whereas Keon Park station is closer to Reservoir and Thomas Town. Reservoir station has a facility for Bike Parking.


Edwards Park, Reservoir

Tram lines Route 86 & Route 11 passes through Reservoir.  Tram Route 11: West Preston – Victoria Harbour Dockland and terminates at the South End of Reservoir and Tram Route 86: Bundoora RMIT – Waterfront City Docklands passing through Reservoir along Plenty Road

Through Dalton Road and through Elgar Road, Western Ring Freeway can be accessed which connects to Hume Freeway, Tullamarine Freeway and Calder Freeway