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Raglan Cottage

Built around 1858, Raglan Cottage situated at High Street in the suburb of Melton is one of the oldest remaining buildings in the Melton Township. The cottage is located just infront of the Mechanics institute.

 It is a remnant of the outbuildings of the Lord Raglan Hotel, which was built by James Strachan in 1855. Lord Raglan Hotel was Melton’s second hotel after the Melton Hotel and a coach staging point with large stables. The presence of this cottage is a testimony to Melton’s existence as a wayside service town en-route to Ballarat during Goldrush years. Melton remained as a service point until the Melbourne Ballarat railway line was established in 1889. Originally home to the stablemasters family, the structure was built using undressed bluestone quarried from nearby Toolern Creek.

In 1874, the building was extended, and a front weatherboard store was added. For the next two decades it was used as combined store and dwelling.

In the 1980’s some renovations and alterations were done at the cottage by the Melton City Council. In the mid 1990’s council restored the original bluestone building, removing the weatherboard store at the front during the process.



Reglan Cottage Artist Residency Program – https://www.melton.vic.gov.au/Out-n-About/Arts-culture-heritage/Raglan-Cottage-Artist-Residency


Early newspaper mentions of Lord Raglan Hotel

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.: 1848 – 1957) Wed 3 Oct 1855, Page 6


The Melton Hotel we see in advance, but it is a little out of our way, and we resolve to patronise the General whose name is conspicuously honoured by the “Lord Raglan Hotel.” The accommodating host of this establishment, Mr. Strachan, no sooner learnt the object of my visit than he readily furnished me with such intelligence as I required. Nor must I forget to mention, that an excellent dinner was voluntarily and gratuitously placed at my disposal, in a way that made me feel not only welcome but flattered. This hotel presents to travellers every inducement that good fare and a love of comfort can offer, for the accommodations are superior, and the landlord has acquired by a long experience in the colony the requisite knowledge for conducting a house of this description. The ” People’s Telegraph” changes horses at this establishment, and as we stand at the door it drives up at a rattling pace, the reins are thrown off, the driver alights for an instant, and, quick almost as thought, the horses are changed, the passengers wrap their cloaks closer round them, and away they go again.

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      Built around 1858, Raglan Cottage situated at High Street in the suburb of Melton is one of the oldest remaining buildings in the Melton Township. The
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