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Primary School Education in Victoria

Primary School Education in Melbourne

Primary School Education in Melbourne

There are seven grades in Primary School education. The preparatory year, commonly called as ‘Prep’ is followed by years 1 to 6. To enrol in a school at Prep level, the child should be five years of age by 30th April of that year. The minimum age at which a Victorian child can commence Primary Education is 4.8 years.

Primary Schools in Victoria are divided into three sectors: Government, Independent and Catholic. Most Primary Schools cater for Prep to Year 6. There are a good number of schools providing schooling from Prep to Year 12. You may choose this option, if you want your child to attend the same school for the whole duration of their schooling.

How to find a Primary School for your child?

Usually you will prefer your child to go to a School close to where you live. But parents may also consider schools with particular religious affiliations, Schools that have particular programs for the children or schools with good reputation.

When choosing a Primary School you may need to consider the following factors:

  1. Transportation
  2. Whether the School is able to cater for the needs and interests of your child
  3. Facilities they offer and extra – curricular activities
  4. The School policies – do they match with your values?
  5. The reputation of the School.
  6. Does the School provide before and after care?
  7. Are the building and facilities clean and well maintained?
  8. Does the school have specific policies on bullying?
  9. How many children in each class?
  10. What all are the extra costs?

To Find Schools in a particular area Visit the Website of Department of Education and Early Childhood Development – http://www.education.vic.gov.au/school/parents/primary/Pages/default.aspx

To find the profiles of Schools, their NAPLAN Scores and general performance of the School, Visit the My School Website – http://www.myschool.edu.au

How to find a School that ticks all the boxes?

Each School will satisfy different needs of children. After Shortlisting your preference list, My School website will enable you to access the performance of the schools for a comparison. A good approach will be to speak to your friends, neighbours or family who had previous experience in choosing a school or have their children studying or studied in those schools.

Primary School Enrolment

There are several documents required for enrolment in Primary Schools and they are:

Evidence of your child’s date of birth

Immunisation Status Certification

Health and Welfare information of your child

Name and contact details of parents, guardians and emergency contacts