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The Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden in Melbourne

The Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden at Kings Domain in Melbourne is a memorial to perpetuate the achievements of Pioneer women settlers in the state of Victoria. This sunken garden is  symmetrical in design traversed by a watercourse which flows into a grotto. A bronze figure of a woman by Sculptor Charles Web Gilbert is set at the centre of the Grotto.  Garden today is a popular outdoor Wedding Venue.

When plans for the 1934 Melbourne Centenary Celebrations were discussed in 1933, Women Centenary Council was formed to include the opinions of the fairer sex. It was decided to create a memorial for the Pioneer women of Victoria who endured the struggles of building a life in a new land. Fund raising was done through public subscription, profits from the sale of Victorian Women’s Centenary Gift Book and money collected though the “sheets of remembrance”. The State Government and the City Council also pitched in.

The Pioneer Women’s Memorial garden was designed by Hugh Linaker, who was also behind the Yarra Boulevard beautification and the planting of the Yarra Bend National Park. On 8th June 1935, Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden was officially opened by Lady Huntingfield in the presence of members of Women’s Centenary Council and the general public.

Sundial base of which Sheets of Remembrance are interred

In July 1936, in the presence of officers of Women’s Centenary Council and the members of the executive of the National Council of Women of Victoria, the sheets of remembrance, inscribed with the names of 8370 pioneer women, whose descendants contributed for the memorial were interred by the President of the Women’s Centenary Council, Mrs I.H Moss in a leaden casket at the base of the sundial.

Accompanying the sheets was a letter inscribed on goat skin parchment which read,

“These sheets of remembrance were signed by the descendants of the pioneer woman of Victoria to commemorate the Centenary of the State. Part of the money raised by these sheets and other sources was used to create this memorial garden. £600 was donated to the Baby Health Centres Association of Victoria to help provide travelling centre for use in the country districts of Victoria. £300 was donated to the Queen Victoria Hospital to provide special equipment and a like amount to the Women’s hospital for the same purpose. A record of the sheets as they were sent out and as they came in was kept in the accompanying book. “


Address: Alexandra Ave, Melbourne VIC 3004 ( It is located at the Kings Domain closer to the Royal Botanic Garden entrance )

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