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Peters Ice Cream Van selling Ice Creams in Richmond – Old Photos of Melbourne

This is a photograph of Peters Ice Cream van with a man serving ice cream to a man and a woman both on bicycles, were taken in 1937 at Burnley Street in Richmond.

The History of Peters Ice Cream

Peters’ American Delicacy Company was founded in 1907 by American Migrant Frederick Augustus Bolles Peters in Manly, Sydney. The original factory was established in his backyard shed and the ice cream was sold in a horse and cart from house to house in the early days. Soon Peters expanded operations to two hired freezer rooms in Paddington. A new factory, the biggest ice cream factory in the world was opened in Redfern in 1923 and the famous Peters’ slogan “The Health food of a nation’’ was coined, which was used for the next 50 years. In the 1970’s regulations about the health claim made the company change the slogan.

Peters American Delicacy Company was formed in Western Australia in 1929 and in1948 it became Peters Ice Cream. Peters Ice Cream acquired Brownes Diary Ltd in 1962. Peters Ice Cream (WA) amalgamated with Peters Food (WA) Pty Ltd to form Peters (WA) Ltd in 1981. Peters and Brownes Group was taken over by Fonterra Brands Pty Ltd in 2005.

In Queensland, Peters acquired Artic Ice Cream Limited in 1927 and established Peters Artic Delicacy Co Ltd. A new factory was built in West End in December 1928. In 1936, extensions were made to the factory making it nearly double its original size. In 1996, when Nestle bought Peters Ice Cream, the West End factory was closed.

In Victoria, the first Peters ice-cream was made in Meyers Place, behind the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne. The company was rebranded as Petersville in the 1930s.  In 1962 -63, the company developed its Mulgrave site in Victoria, which became known as Petersville after Petersville Australia Ltd, to replace the Richmond site it was running from 1936.

By the 1960’s Petersville had diversified into all areas of diary manufacturing. In 1981, it was taken over by H.C.Sleigh Co and in 1983, it was delisted after its take over by Adelaide Steamship company. In 1991, Petersville brands were acquired by Pacific Dunlop including Edgell-Birds Eye, Peters Ice Cream, Herbert Adams Bakeries, Socomin and Four ‘n’Twenty.

In 1995, Petersville divisions were broken up and the ice cream division was sold to the Swiss International Food Giant Nestle. In 2012, Peters Ice Cream was sold to Pacific Equity Partners (PEP). In 2014, PEP sold Peter Ice Cream to R&R Ice Cream, a UK based company.  In 2016, R&R joined with Nestlé to form Froneri with the stated intent to become the world’s best ice cream company.



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