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Mentone Beach

Situated 20km south of Melbourne CBD, Mentone beach forms the northern section of the 20km stretch of beach that extends alongside Beaumaris Bay to Frankston in the south on the eastern shoreline of Port Phillip Bay. This section of the beach is around 1.6 km in length, relatively safe but inferior in ranking compared to other beaches in the bayside – Parkdale, Mordialloc, or Aspendale beaches. On the south, the beach merges with the Parkdale beach and to the north it ends at the high cliffs. A concrete path continues all the way beside the beach for walkers.

Horses taking bath at Mentone Beach published by herald on 17th December 1921

Mentone beach is considered safe for swimmers due to its shallow bars. It is advised for the swimmer’s safety to bathe in the patrolled area Infront of the lifesaving club.

Facilities at the beach

Mentone Life Saving Club is undergoing a $14milion redevelopment which is expected to be completed in 2022. The new facility involves the construction of BBQ area and a children’s playground. Life Saving Club has change room and toilet facilities.

Ticketed parking  area is available near the beach.

The beach can be accessed from different entry points. It is popular for Kayaking, Swimming, paddling and dog walking.

Mentone Beach in 1948

Dog restrictions at Mentone Beach

The part of the beach between Charman Road and the entry point opposite Plummer Road are 24 hour dog off leash area on the sand and not on the path.

From Plummer Road to Bay Street – Sunrise to 10am is offleash area on sand; 10am to 7:30pm is no dogs allowed on sand and 7:30pm to sunrise its an onleash area on sand.

For the remainder of the beach the Kingston City Council has the following regulations imposed:

Summer Foreshore Dog Regulations (1 November – 31 March)

 sunrise till 10am – dogs are permitted off leash on sand only

 10am to 7:30pm – dogs are prohibited on sand

 7:30pm till sunrise – dogs must be on leash on sand

Winter Foreshore Dog Regulations (1 April – 31 October)

11am to 3pm  – it is an on leash area.

 At all other times of the day it is an off leash area on sand only.

For latest information click the link: https://www.kingston.vic.gov.au/Services/Pets/Dog-ownership/Dog-Access-to-Foreshore-Reserve

Mentone Pier . Image Courtesy: State Library of Victoria

Mentone Life Saving Club

Mentone Life Saving Club came into existence on 22nd October 1920. David Grant, who was a lifesaving volunteer for 54 years, had written a book on the history of Mentone Life Saving Club, ‘’Down to the Beach’’, which explains the path the club and its volunteers travelled in the past 90 years of its existence.

He believes, the 1919 rescue of a girl off Mentone pier by a passer-by helped spur the club’s creation. On October 9, 1920, two young local men, Pygram and Cole, put an advt in the Moorabbin News seeking anyone ”interesting themselves in the formation of a lifesaving club”, with a meeting to be held at Hayes’ tea rooms. Club began its life at a dressing shed donated by , then newly created Mordialloc Council, near the Pier at the end of Naples Road with no rescue equipment.

The club raised funds to build a new clubhouse, which was officially opened in December 1928. Today, the club has more than 1000 members and is undergoing a $14 million redevelopment planned and executed by Kingston City Council.

Mentone Pier

Mentone beach was home to a pier which was demolished in 1964. There used to be  a small jetty below the Mentone Hotel which was replaced in 1891, with a pier which stretched 100m into the sea. The Pier was located at the bottom of Naples Street. Due to the lack of passenger numbers, bay steamers didn’t show much interest in docking at Mentone. The pier was widely used by fishermen, strollers, and boating enthusiasts.

In the 1920’s cruise ship SS Mina used the pier for docking for their weekend pleasure cruises which didn’t last long due to the great depression. By the 1950’s the pier fell into disuse and eventually got dismantled in 1962.


Address: Beach Road, Mentone, Victoria 3194, Australia

Mentone life saving club: https://mentonelsc.com

Healthy swimming advice

Swimming near Storm water drains are not a good idea and never swallow water while swimming.

Avoid swimming for 48 hours after rain

Shower after swimming and wash your skin with soap after touching water.

Cover cuts and scratches with waterproof bandages before entering water.

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