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Who was Melbourne’s first-born white child?

The Schooner Enterprize entered Yarra on 15th August 1835 and moored at the foot of Present-day William Street on 29th August 1835. On 30th August 1835, the settlers disembarked.

When the Enterprize returned to Launceston, the seven who remained in present day Melbourne were: John Lancey, Master mariner; George Evans, Settler; Evan Evans, his servant; James Gilbert; Thomas Morgan and Charles Wise, servants of J.P. Fawkner, the owner of the Schooner and Mary Gilbert. Mary the only woman in the party was James Gilbert’s wife. She gave birth on 29th December 1835, to a son.

Melbourne’s first white child was John Melbourne Gilbert, the son of John Fawkner’s servants. James Gilbert, a blacksmith, and his wife, Mary.

St James Anglican Cathedral was built on 30th April 1837, a wooden structure which can hold 80 worshippers with money collected through public subscription. The church was located near William Street on the present site of Henty House. John Melbourne Gilbert was christened here by Rev Mr Naylor on the day of the Church’s opening. The Cathedral was later moved to West Melbourne in 1913.

A bronze sculpture was installed at the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne in 1975 to commemorate Mary Gilbert.  Sculptor Ailsa O`Connor used her daughter as the model for the Mary Gilbert statue

First White Girl born in Melbourne was Ann Gardiner who was born on November 1836.

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