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The History of Luna Park

Luna Park

Luna Park is Melbourne’s oldest and most famous amusement park located at St. Kilda. The amusement park opened its doors on 13th December 1912, as the first of the five Luna Parks that were built in Australia. There were 22313 registered attendees for the opening of the park.

Luna Park is synonymous with St Kilda. St Kilda in its early days was known as Euro – Yroke, the aboriginal word for the red sandstone found in the area. The place was renamed St Kilda by La Trobe who was on a picnic there in 1841. He took the name of the yatch ‘Lady of St Kilda’, which was moored just off the beach. In 1906, the chief engineer of Public works Carlo Catai was contracted to prepare a master plan for the beautification of St. Kilda, which resulted in two hectares of its area redesigned and reserved for recreation.

Luna Park designed by Eslick and Corbeille based on the amusement park concept at Coney Island, New York. Luna Park was totally reconstructed in 1923 after several years of operational difficulties caused by the First World War. It re opened with new attractions, the notable one the Carousel. At the time of manufacturing of the Carousel, the amusement business around Europe and America was flourishing with hundreds of carousels. The Philadelphia Toboggan Company manufactured the Carousel for St Kilda Luna Park which was number 30 of the total 80 carousels the company made between 1903 and 1931.

During the Second World War, the park boomed with the new clientele of American Troupes. The park has historical significance as it is one of the few continuously running amusements since the last 100 years. The moon face at the entrance, the carousal, the Dodgem building and the scenic railway are the original features from its past.

In early 2005, a consortium headed by Lindsay Fox bought Luna Park promising to restore it to its glory days. A few renovations and overhauls were undertaken on the park since then.

Contact Details

Address: 18 Lower Esplanade, St Kilda VIC 3182

Phone: 03 9525 5033 / Fax: 03 9534 5764

E mail: justforfun@lunapark.com.au

Luna Park is open on weekends, Victorian school holidays and every public holiday except Christmas Day. Luna Park do not open week days during the school term.Luna Park is FREE to enter when open and Ride Tickets can be purchased online or at the Ticket Box.


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