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Johanna Beach

Johanna Beach

Location: Located in the Otway National Park near the small town of Johanna. Beach can be reached by taking a loop from Great Ocean Road


Johanna Beach is a straight 3.5 km that faces squarely into the sea. It is a well-known spot for camping, walking and surfing. The place got the name after the schooner Johanna that was wrecked at the mouth Johanna River in 1843. The Shipwreck Coast of Victoria stretches from to Cape Otway to Port Fairy, a distance of approximately 130 km. This area within the Shipwreck coast, with more than 55 ship wrecks, was considered as one of the most fearful section of coastline by early navigators.

The beach is located in the Great Otway National Park. It can be reached by a loop road off the Great Ocean Road. It is the best known surfing location west of Cape Otway. Johanna is one of the best beach breaks in the world, holding swell up to 3 m and more. This beach is often the replacement location for the Bells Beach Surf Pro when the waves are low at Bells. There is a National Park camping and picnic area on the grassy slopes behind the western end of the 3.6 km long beach. Two parking and viewing areas overlook the beach.

Further Resources

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