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Hot Air Balloon Rides in Melbourne

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Melbourne

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Melbourne

Hot Air Balloon Rides

History of Hot air balloon riding in Melbourne

Hot air ballooning is one of the more unique way of seeing Melbourne. Noted actor, entrepreneur and later politician George Coppin is credited with bringing hot air ballooning to Melbourne. He engaged two astronauts from England, Charles Henry Brown and Joseph Dean to attempt flight at his Cremorne Gardens at Richmond. Coppin and Brown travelled via the overland route, taking a steamer from Marseilles to Alexandria, trekking across the Egyptian desert to Suez, and then boarding a boat to Australia.

Richmond was a rural location back then. Coppin’s Cremorne Gardens, a 4.5-hectare pleasure park with the Pantheon Theatre, a pub, a zoo, a bandstand and a lake was the one and only notable attraction in Richmond.

Charles Henry Brown brought his home-made 18-metre-high muslin balloon, the ‘Australasian’ to Melbourne with him. On February 1st 1858, ‘Australasian’ was partly filled with coal gas at the Melbourne Gas Works at Batman’s Swamp. Thirty men conveyed the balloon by cart to Cremorne. The gas was topped up at Cremorne but because of a faulty valve, there was only enough gas to carry one passenger. So Joseph Dean became the first person to travel by a crewed balloon flight in Australia. . A commemorative medal was sold to people who viewed the event. Coppin increased his normal entry fee to the gardens from 2.5 shillings to 5 shillings, but most locals watched the event from outside. The Balloon floated for around 12Km and in 25 minutes time landed somewhere in Heidelberg (near Plenty Road). Dean paid a passer-by to take him and the balloon back to Richmond. Two weeks later Charles Brown took flight again. But after landing in Collingwood he was beaten up by locals who thought it is evil for humans to fly. After this event a series of flights from Cremorne followed.

George Coppin went bankrupt in 1863 and the gardens were closed; the land between Balmain Street and Monash Freeway in Burnley is now a densely populated housing area.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Melbourne

Flights are subject to weather conditions and bookings are essential for all flights. Expect to pay from $350 per person minimum.

Depending on the wind at dawn, ballooning adventure may take you over different areas in Melbourne. You will be advised of the exact time and place the evening before your flight. Minimum fitness levels are required for the balloon adventurers as it requires the passengers to climb into the basket and stand there for the duration of the flight. Usually restrictions are in place for pregnant woman at advanced stages. Contact your provider for the details.

Below are the major hot air Balloon Ride providers in Melbourne. These providers have many packages for balloon rides. Visit their respective websites for more information. A good web search may land you in cheap hot air balloon ride deals available in Melbourne.


Balloon Man

About Balloon Man: Chief Pilot Chris Shorten, “BalloonMan”, a Melbourne native has vastly more experience operating passenger hot air balloon rides over Melbourne than any other pilot. When you fly with Balloon Flights Over Melbourne you always fly with Chris, and you can rely on our experience and professionalism to ensure you receive the best Melbourne has to offer.

Experience counts for a great deal in hot air ballooning. Not only does it ensure we choose to fly only when the weather conditions are best, we are also sure to select the best launch site each day to provide you with the best views over Melbourne.

Tour operated by: Balloon Flights Over Melbourne

Address: 10 Bond Street, Abbotsford,, VIC 3067

Phone: +61 3 9427 0088
 Fax: +61 3 9429 6226

Local Call Anywhere in Australia: 
03 9427 0088

Head Office: flights@balloonman.com.au

Web: http://www.balloonman.com.au

FREECALL anywhere in Australia: 1800 HOT AIR


Global Ballooning Australia

Global Ballooning Australia is the preferred ballooning operator of Tourism Victoria. Having flown hundreds of visiting journalists we have been able to showcase Melbourne and Yarra Valley regions. Global Ballooning Australia passengers receive a complimentary souvenir pack which include special offers and discount at various attractions around Victoria. Global Ballooning Australia is a family owned Victorian Business. We pride ourselves on our service, safety record and status as market leaders.

Global Ballooning Australia Pty Ltd – Trading As Global Ballooning Australia

Address: First Floor, 173-175 Swan Street, Richmond, Victoria 3121

Ph: (03) 9428-5703   Fax: (03) 9428-8473

Email: balloon@globalballooning.com.au

Web: http://www.globalballooning.com.au/


Picture Ballooning

We are Melbourne’s leading hot air balloon company for both passenger flights and special shape advertising balloons. We are a successful and professional organisation dedicated to the enjoyment and safety of our passengers. Due to our extensive experience in aerial advertising, our special shape advertising campaigns are a marketing success for all the clients we represent. We have been flying hot air balloons since 1997. We are based in Melbourne and are a global hot air ballooning company. Our hot air balloon flying takes us all over Australia and the World; mostly for work, sometimes sport and occasionally just for fun.

Address: 12 Pilgrim Court, Ringwood 3134, Victoria

Phone: +61 3 9429 0277 , T +1300 UP AWAY (1300 87 2929) freecall , F +613 9428 2721

Email: picturethisballooning@bigpond.com

Web: www.picturethisballooning.com.au

How the hot air balloons work?

Hot air balloons work in the simple principle that warmer air rises up in the cooler air. Hot air has less mass per unit volume than cooler air. The balloon has to be large enough to accommodate enough air to lift it off the ground.

Today hot air balloons use propane gas and live flame burners and canopies made of tear resistant Nylon. Balloon ascends by blowing hot air into the canopy. In the olden day’s balloon were made to go up by dumping sandbags. Hot air balloon rely on catching air currents to change direction.

The parachute valve at the very top of the balloon is used to bring the balloon down to the ground. It is a circle of fabric cut out at the top of the envelope. It is controlled by a long chord. The parachute valve is opened by pulling the chord. This will allow the hot air to escape, thus decreasing the inner air temperature.