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HMAS Castlemaine Museum Ship

HMAS Castlemaine

HMAS Castlemaine is located at Gem Pier in Williamstown and is operated as a Museum Ship by Maritime Trust of Australia Inc. Maritime Trust of Australia is non-profit volunteer organisation of which Membership is open to anybody.

The Museum displays artefacts that documents Australia’s maritime history and gives an insight into the life of ship’s crews. It also displays models of Australian warships HMVS Cerberus, T.S.S Ballarat, and Artefacts from HMS Anson, HMVS Manxman, HMAS Wagga and a 4’’ shell case from HMAS Perth which was sunk during the battle of Sunda Straight in 1942.

The museum displays enough materials to give a clear picture of the life of the crew members. On display are the Personal protective equipment used by crew, Navigation equipment used in ship like gyro compass, its cleaning and maintenance chart, Chief and Petty Officer Mess, the rope setting used to lift materials from one level to another. Victualling Room, Wireless Telegraphy Centre, Radar Room, Commanding Officers Cabin, and the Chart Room where the chronometer and other navigational instruments are kept. The first lieutenant and two junior officers usually carried out navigational duties at Castlemaine.

The Ship also displays a fine free-standing figurehead representing Scotland’s famous folk hero Rob Roy Mc Gregor which was originally mounted on a bracket directly below the bowsprit on Barque GLENSHEE, built in Scotland in 1855. Also, on display is the Figure head and Port light from Agnes Muir built in Scotland in 1853.

It is an interesting place to visit and offers a feast for the curious minds of children.

Brief History of HMAS Castlemaine

HMAS Castlemaine is among the sixty Australian built Bathurst Class corvettes to serve in World War II, but one of the few still floats. Though the ship was officially designated as “Australian Minesweepers”, it was commonly referred to as corvettes. Castlemaine was laid down on 17 February 1941 and was launched on 7 August 1941 by Mrs RG Menzies, wife of then Prime Minister, Robert Menzies.

 It travelled around 216,000 kilometres circumnavigating Australia during its service. During World War II, the ship was mainly used for ferrying supplies and troops, search and rescue, evacuation and shore bombardment. n 1971 Castlemaine was presented to the Maritime Trust of Australia, Victoria for preservation as a museum ship.


Location: Gem Pier, Williamstown

Opening Hours

The ship will be open for public from 11am to 4pm on weekends and public holidays.

Entry Fee

Adults $8

Children 4-16 yrs. – $4

Families (two adults & two children) $20

Children under four years enter free

HMAS Castlemaine