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Gooram Falls

Gooram Falls are located 172km Northeast of Melbourne CBD and 20km southeast of the township of Euroa at the Strathbogie Ranges . The Gooram falls reserve is around 20 hectares and is managed by Parks Victoria. The wider Seven Creeks wildlife reserve forms part of traditional Taungurung aboriginal clans. The name Gooram is derived from the aboriginal world for ‘hunting ground’.

Located at Seven Creeks water catchment area, Gooram Falls has two small cascading waterfalls twenty metres apart. The headwaters of Seven Creeks originate from Strathbogie Ranges. From Gooram Falls, the stream head towards Euroa to meet with the Goulburn River 5 km upstream of Shepparton. Surrounded by indigenous bushland and rocky outcrops, there are a series of pools along the Gooram falls which makes the visit worthwhile. The falls area is located at the Seven Creek Nature Conservation reserve around 3km past Galls Gap Rd. There are two carparks – The Upper Carpark and the Lower Car park. There is 800m distance between the carparks and the waterfall equidistant from both.  Picnic tables and fireplaces are located near the Upper Car Park at the Upper Gooram Falls Day Visitor Area and the toilet block is located at the Bottom Day Visitor Area. There are two BBQ firepits to the left of the upper car park entry and two to the right next to the picnic table. From a visitor’s point of view, it is best to park at Upper Carpark.

Polly McQuinns Day Visitor area is located further upstream with picnic tables and fireplaces overlooking the deep waterhole, Polly McQuinns Weir and Rocky Spillway. Polly McQuinn was an early settler of the area, believed to have drowned falling into the waterhole while riding on horse. No trace of them were ever found which gave way to the belief that the waterhole is bottomless.

Recreational fishing is not allowed at Seven Creeks from Polly McQuinns weir to Gooram Falls. This part of the creek is an important breeding site for the endangered Trout Cod and Macquarie Perch. The falls create a barrier of entry for invasive species such as Redfin and Carp that dominate the river reach below Gooram Falls.

Camping is not permitted on Seven Creeks Wildlife Reserve. Campsites can be found at nearby Ruoaks Camping area and James Reserve in the Strathbogie State Forest. Visitors to the falls should be aware of the presence of snakes as they prefer to be around being near water in warmer months.


Location: 1813-1839 Euroa-Mansfield Rd, Gooram VIC 3666

Other Restrictions at Gooram Falls

All native plants animals, historical and archaeological features are protected by law.

Fires are permitted only in constructed fireplaces and must be no longer than one square metre. No fires to be lit on total fire ban days.

Fires should never be left unattended and should put out completely before you leave.

No Pets, No horses, No Motor bikes, and no firearms




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