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Bunjil’s Shelter Rock Art Site at Stawell

The only known rock art painting of Bunjil in Victoria is located at the Black Range Scenic Reserve near Stawell. This is not a site that attracts many visitors. There is a probably for a visitor to feel like Robinson Crusoe, being left alone in a wide expanse of uninhibited area. The site is regarded as one of the most significant aboriginal cultural sites in South Eastern Australia. The rock art painting is located in a small shelter at the base of a large granite boulder. The painting is protected by a steel-mesh fence.

In aboriginal mythology Bunjil is a creator deity and regarded as one of the two moiety ancestors. Bunjil is often depicted as a wedge-tailed eagle.It is believed that in the dream time, Bunjil took shelter in a cave located in the part of Gariwerd , which is now known as the Black Range Scenic Reserve.

Bunjil Shelter came to public attention in 1957.


Address: Bunjils Cave Rd, Black Range VIC 3381

Open to public 24 hours a day

No camping.  Keep dogs on leads

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